About the Photographer

Based in Austin Tx. Brandon works almost exclusively in analog processes, from traditional medium format roll film to large format sheet film, as well as wet plate collodion, his preferred medium. 

Specializing in fine art and portrait photography, works are often created as a part of a series and displayed as a show periodically, in addition sprinkling in the occasional portrait session for the more creatively geared patron, these sessions are not like the normal portrait you'll find on the walls in the typical modern portrait studios. Here photographs are made, not taken.

Starting from a young age Brandon was exposed to the darkroom, having family members that had set one up in the 80's, which sadly had fallen into disrepair by the time he was of age to use it, one thing that was still of use was the camera. Starting out on the faithfully reliable Pentax K-1000 as a teenager, shooting countless rolls of film, there was no digital preview to see if you 'got it' in those days. Quickly Brandon built his own darkroom out of a small bathroom just big enough to stand and turn around in, and that was that. Flash forward 20 years and that trusty Pentax now sits on the shelf as a reminder as to where it all started, the cameras have gotten a bit bigger, and so has the darkroom. Now most works are shot on large format, 4x5 or bigger. Rather than taking hundreds of photo's or even a full roll of 36 for that matter, most sessions consist of just a few exposures, 3-8 typically, with meticulous attention to detail and craft they are captured, the best are finished the rest are thrown back to the heap, only the finest of work being allowed to go forth. In an age of immediacy, often the approach is great quantity in order to yield some quality, with allot of in-between, that has to be sifted through in order to find it. Here, quality is the only rule of the studio, those pictures made lacking it, promptly find their way to the waste bin.